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Bat Field Technician Position (Indianapolis)

Indiana State University is seeking four field technicians to assist with research involving the federally endangered Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis). This research will occur near the Indianapolis International Airport, and is part of a long-term monitoring effort. Duties will include mist-netting, radio telemetry, emergence counts, acoustic surveys, and conducting roost/habitat vegetation plots. 

Technicians are needed from May 14 to August 15 and can expect to work long shifts including late nights (up till 4 am) up to 10 nights in a row. A positive attitude and strong work ethic are the most important qualities we’re seeking.

This is a great opportunity for an undergraduate or recent graduate to gain experience with a variety of field techniques. The employee will gain hands-on experience using several different bat detector models, in addition to modern radio telemetry techniques.

Please see the following document for more information about the position and application process.

Bat Field Technician (Indianapolis) 2015


To learn more about past and current projects conducted by ISU’s Bat Center, see our Research page.

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Take the Bats and Pools Survey!

Whether you own, manage, or regularly use a swimming pool, we are interested in hearing from you. Do you see bats at your pool? If your answer is yes, please take the survey and tell us more about your observations. If you don’t see bats, we still want you to take the survey so we can learn more about pools bats don’t seem to use.

Thanks to The Weather Channel for posting an excellent video (Do Bats Crave Your Pool?) that highlights our results from the first year of the survey and explains why we need more data. This article from Inside Science (Mom, There’s a Bat in the Pool!) gives an in-depth explanation of why bats use pools and why they might get trapped in pools. Our goal is to obtain 1000 responses this summer. With the data from this survey, we will have a better understanding of where bats use pools and how to manage pools to minimize the chances that a bat will drown when they swoop down to take a drink.

Click on the Hoary Bat below to navigate to the survey page!

Thanks for your help!


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