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USFWS Reopens Comment Period on Proposal to List Northern Long-eared Bat

Myotis septentrionalis

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has reopened the comment period on the proposal to list the northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionals) as endangered throughout its range. The northern long-eared bat is one of the species facing increased declines due to white-nose syndrome (WNS). The public comment period has been reopened until December 18, 2014 and a final decision on the proposal is due April 2, 2015.

Information on this proposal and more details on the northern long-eared bat can be found here. Comments can be submitted electronically or by hard copy. Please see the USFWS news release for submission instructions.

The USFWS is particularly interested in additional information and comments regarding the following:

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Join us for the 8th Annual Indiana Bat Festival – Bats in the City!!

Bats in the City!Click here for more information and directions!

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Take the Bats and Pools Survey!

Whether you own, manage, or regularly use a swimming pool, we are interested in hearing from you. Do you see bats at your pool? If your answer is yes, please take the survey and tell us more about your observations. If you don’t see bats, we still want you to take the survey so we can learn more about pools bats don’t seem to use.

Thanks to The Weather Channel for posting an excellent video (Do Bats Crave Your Pool?) that highlights our results from the first year of the survey and explains why we need more data. This article from Inside Science (Mom, There’s a Bat in the Pool!) gives an in-depth explanation of why bats use pools and why they might get trapped in pools. Our goal is to obtain 1000 responses this summer. With the data from this survey, we will have a better understanding of where bats use pools and how to manage pools to minimize the chances that a bat will drown when they swoop down to take a drink.

Click on the Hoary Bat below to navigate to the survey page!

Thanks for your help!


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Training the next generation of bat researchers

With so many conservation  issues challenging bat populations around the world, it is critical to train the next generation of bat researchers in the skills and abilities needed to study bats effectively. ISU Bat Center graduate student Vanessa Rojas is training undergraduate Alexis Bender to deploy a passive acoustic detector for bat surveys in northeast Tennessee. Alexis is conducting her own independent research project this summer, gathering acoustic data via driving transects to better understand the distribution of bats in this region. She and several other undergraduate students are getting their first exposure to bats on a Bat Center project this season.

Bat Research

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Technician position for bat study in Great Smoky Mtns Nat’l Park

Click on this image for more information about this exciting and challenging position!

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