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INDIANA Bats of Indiana

Written by J. Whitaker Jr, V. Brack Jr, D. Sparks, J. Cope, S. Johnson. Paperback, full-color, Copyright © 2007, 59 pages.




Bats of Kansas

Written by D. Sparks, C. Schmidt, and J. Choate. Paperback, full-color. Copyright © 2011, 60 pages.

Bats of Michigan

Written by A. Kurta. Paperback, full-color. Copyright © 2008, 72 pages.



Bats of Missouri

Written by J. Boyles, J. Timpone, and L. Robbins. Paperback, full-color, autographed by author. Copyright © 2009, 60 pages.



Bats of Ohio

Written by V. Brack Jr, D. Sparks, J. Whitaker Jr, B. Walters, and A. Boyer. Paperback, full-color. Copyright © 2010, 92 pages.



Bats of Pennsylvania

Written by M. R. Gannon, C. A. Iudica, and S. Mistry. Paperback, full-color. Copyright © 2013, 64 pages.


Bats of Illinois

Written by G.A. Feldhamer, J.E. Hofmann, T.C. Carter, and J.A. Kath. Paperback, full-color. Copyright © 2015, 84 pages.