“Batty” Lesson Plans

Teachers! Those of you looking to incorporate STEM-oriented lesson plans into your curricula, look no further! We at the Bat Center have designed the following series of bat-centric classroom modules, so that you might more easily incorporate science into your curricula. It is our hope that these lessons will both educate and engage your students, and help to instill in them an interest in bats and science. Although these modules were designed for grades K-5, they can be easily modified for other grade levels. Each of these modules incorporates 5 separate lessons, each lasting 30-45 minutes. The modules have also been designed in accordance with Indiana state science, reading, and writing standards.

Note: Each of these lessons will include corresponding graphics, worksheets, and videos. These are currently under construction, and we will update our website as they are produced. The lesson plans are described in the links below. Thank you for your patience! We look forward to bringing you more “batty” content!

Kindergarten: All About Bats

1st Grade: Bats and Habitats

2nd Grade: Bats and Life Cycles

3rd Grade: Bats and History

4th Grade: Bat Adaptations

5th Grade: Bats- Flying Predators