Bat Festival 2015

Bat Festival Poster 2015

The 9th Annual Indiana Bat Festival was a great success! Over 1000 people visited us during the combined day and nighttime portions of the festival. Live bats and live raptors are always a hit, but folks were also excited about the great kids’ activities, exploring the inflated cave, running the BatVentures course at Dobbs Park, facepainting, and more! We are so grateful to all the volunteers and sponsors who helped make this FREE festival possible. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. Photos by ISU Media.


bat fest-48

Fred, the Malayan Flying Fox

bat fest-67

Bat Mural in Progress

bat fest-96

Mark Booth of Take Flight, sharing his love of raptors

bat fest-127

Tim Divoll talking about what bats eat

Bat Festival

Fred hanging around after the live bats program

Bat Festival

Entering the inflated cave to explore

Bat Festival

Julia Hoeh showing off some bat crafts in the kids’ activity room

September 19, 2015 Bat Festival 3945

Hungry Heroes game, part of the BatVentures course at Dobbs Park



September 19, 2015 Bat Festival 3975

Scott Bergeson helps young bat biologists to untangle a bat (not a real one!) from the mistnet

bat fest-8

Coloring the bat mural

bat fest-28

Congo, the Straw Colored Fruit Bat







Bat Festival Poster 2015

The festival theme is “Bats Eat Bugs!” We aim to highlight the economic importance of bats with information in presentations, activities, and tables at the festival.

Our goal with this festival will be to spread the word that bats are important predators of insects, including insects that are pests for humans, our crops, and our forests. For example, bats are important predators of corn earworm moths, which can be detrimental to corn crops in the Midwest. Big brown bats prey heavily on spotted cucumber beetles, which are significant garden pests in Indiana. A single bat can eat 50-100% of its body weight in insects each night and an entire colony of bats can consume over a million pesky bugs in one summer! In Texas, massive colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats consume billions of moths each night, including insects that feed on corn, tobacco, and cotton.


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Submit your artwork for the Art Contest!

Artwork should relate to the theme “Bats Eat Bugs”. We will award cash prizes for first prize in the age categories 13-17 and 18 and up. First place in the 12 and under category will win a bat book and t-shirt. See the 2015 Art Contest Entry Form for more details.

This year’s sponsors include

Wildlife Acoustics

Duke Energy

DOT Scientific

Terre Haute Parks Department

Jan Lesniak and Rob Smith

David and Rebecca Rubin

Marshall and Becca Parks

Randall Stevens M.D.

William Brett Living Trust

Nilah Bonham O.D. P.C.




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